The Association for Teen-Age Diplomats (ATAD) has been coordinating high school level international exchange programs in the Monroe County area since 1952. We are proud of our long and successful relationship with Rochester’s Sister Cities and several Direct Exchange Programs which have been established to give students broader opportunities to experience the world.

Host Family Forms

Hosting is a very rewarding experience for your entire family. It widens your horizons and provides worldwide friendships which often last a lifetime.

Host Families provide three meals per day, a separate bed (but not necessarily a separate bedroom) and a desk (or other place) to store their school supplies and at which they could study. Host Families come from many walks of life. Opening the program to a broad array of people
gives International Exchange Students an opportunity to see the diversity in the United States. Families with two working parents, single parent families, and families with no teen-agers can all be wonderful Host Families.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about becoming a Host Family for a high school International Exchange Student, please complete and mail the form below.
Adobe acrobat icon Host Family Interest Form

The host family application form is linked below.
Adobe acrobat icon Host Family Application

ATAD’s one page Host Family Agreement is linked below.
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ATAD’s character Reference Form for Host Families of incoming International Students.
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Americans Overseas (AO) Forms

Application for Rochester-area students to go overseas.
Adobe acrobat icon Application for American students to go overseas

While having a dietary preference (for example being a vegetarian) is common in the United States, this is often not the case in other countries. For example, fish is a staple in some countries, and in other countries vegetables may be quite expensive. The more flexible a student is willing to be with his or her diet, the more likely it is to place a student with a Host Family overseas.
Adobe acrobat icon Supplemental Interview Form – Americans Overseas with Dietary Preferences

The Gary Simon Memorial Scholarship for Excellence was established in 1998 to honor Wilson Magnet School Administrator Gary Simon, who dedicated his life to the Rochester City School District and to the advancement of international understanding. The scholarship is awarded to a Rochester City School District student for a year or summer exchange to the country of his or her choice. It covers the ATAD program fee, including round trip travel from Rochester, ATAD pin,orientations, family living experience and cultural exchange, and support services in the US and abroad for the student and family. The runner-up to the award winner will be eligible for the award if the winner cannot participate in the exchange program; otherwise the runner-up receives $500 toward his or her exchange program fee. The scholarship is funded through donations from the community.
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International (IS) Students

Below is the application that needs to be completed by a prospective exchange student from one of our partner cities in consideration of visiting Rochester.
Adobe acrobat icon International Student Application

In an effort to continue to improve our services to the community and to international understanding, ATAD requests candid evaluations of Exchange Student Program and experience while in Rochester.
Adobe acrobat icon Program Evaluation for International Students

All parents of International Students are required to read the document linked below and sign both of the final pages.
Adobe acrobat icon International Student Parent/Student Agreement

This form is to be completed by an exchange student who would like to request funding assistance from ATAD for a special activity or need.
Adobe acrobat icon Request for Funding Assistance

If an International Student will be out of town for more than one consecutive night, they must first submit the required documentation and obtain approval from their ATAD Program Chair.
Adobe acrobat icon International Student Permission to Travel

Other Forms

Form to request a School’s candid evaluation of the ATAD Exchange Student Program and experiences with International Students.
Adobe acrobat icon Program Evaluation from School

If you have a problem with ATAD, here is the form to complete.
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